Jon Gosch

Novelist and Award-Winning Journalist


Growing Evidence Links Herbicides to Elk Hoof Disease

April 2014

My family has hunted the forests of southwest Washington for more than sixty years and never before have they observed such a scarcity of wildlife. Twenty years ago my dad and uncle remember seeing two or three big elk herds a day. Now we’re lucky to see two or three individuals a day. Depressingly, this… Read more »

Maria Marasigan – Community Organizer and Earthship Activist

April 2014

Maria Marasigan, 35, New York, USA Maria Marasigan | Photo by Federica Miglio So why are you here? In all the years that these typhoons have been happening in the Philippines, there still isn’t a system, or some kind of preparedness, or a change in how rebuilds happen and what relief is like here. The… Read more »

John Craig, Christina and Hendry – Windship Volunteers

March 2014

John Craig, 61, Japan via Scotland John Craig | Photo by Federica Miglio What facet or facets of Earthships is most compelling or attractive for you? The most attractive facet of Earthships is the people who build them. Beyond question. Nothing happens without the group of people, as we’ve seen here. And like Phil said… Read more »

Florian Becquereau – Founder of Earthship Seattle

March 2014

Florian Becquereau, 34, Seattle, WA, USA Florian Becquereau | Photo by Jon Gosch What is your goal for Earthship Seattle in the next couple years? To bring more awareness to Seattle. Just spreading the word about Earthships because 99% of the population doesn’t know anything about Earthships. They don’t know they exist. But then when… Read more »

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