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Hui-Chien and Josh – Windship Volunteers

March 2014

Josh Semick, 35, New Jersey, USA Josh Semick | Photo by Federica Miglio Why did you decide to come here? Josh Semick: A couple reasons. First, my wife and I were interested in Earthships. We were turned on by a friend back home. We went up to Ithaca and saw one of them that was… Read more »

Leo, Olav and Zoe – Windship Volunteers

March 2014

Leo Bienkowski-Gibbs, 30, Victoria, Canada Leo Bienkowski-Gibbs | Photo by Federica Miglio What is it you think we accomplished here? We moved around a lot of dirt and materials. (Laughing) One of the things we did is get a lot of people stoked. What do you think the effect has been on the volunteers? I… Read more »

Michael Reynolds – Creator of Earthship Biotecture

March 2014

Michael Reynolds: Earthship Biotecture is sort of like a virus. It starts growing a little bit in some place. It may be squelched due to codes and regulations but it comes right back. It’s kind of happening everywhere. We’re all over the world all the time now. I’m going from here to Alberta and then… Read more »

The Philippines by Windship: Intro to Interview Series

March 2014

On November 8th, 2013, the people of the Philippines were struck by the most powerful tropical cyclone to ever hit land. Typhoon Haiyan, or Yolanda as the locals call it, ripped through the Eastern Visayas Islands, destroying or damaging nearly every standing structure in some areas as the wind pulled a typical house apart piece… Read more »

Lightning at Full Throttle

March 2014

Like anyone who has ridden for years, I’ve had my share of close calls. Gravel, dogs, deer. A tool set spilling sockets across the highway in front of me. A trucker blowing a tire. Weather, of course, has been another major threat…

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