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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Of Roosevelt Elk, Bacteria, Hooves and Herbicides

June 2014

Over the last several years through numerous blog posts and comments Cascadia Wildlands has been forwarding two important notions. The first is that state wildlife commissions (and therefore agencies) in the West are too beholding to resource-oriented industries such as ranching, timber, mining and energy interests at the expense of hunters, anglers and our ever-dwindling… Read more »

Discover Snoqualmie’s Supremely Talented Songwriter

June 2014

I discovered him quite serendipitously one recent Sunday. Killing time in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, I wandered into a bar known as Conor Byrne that gives local musicians the opportunity to play a three-song set during their weekly open mic. Midway through the evening, a tall, shaggy-browed musician was introduced and Payson walked up… Read more »

A Young Liberal’s Hunt for Manhood

June 2014

In my family you are not considered a man unless you hunt. You may be endowed with all the distinguishing anatomical features, but in the Gosch clan you are not a man merely because you possess a pair of testicles. You must hunt.