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Maria Marasigan – Community Organizer and Earthship Activist

April 2014

Maria Marasigan, 35, New York, USA Maria Marasigan | Photo by Federica Miglio So why are you here? In all the years that these typhoons have been happening in the Philippines, there still isn’t a system, or some kind of preparedness, or a change in how rebuilds happen and what relief is like here. The… Read more »

John Craig, Christina and Hendry – Windship Volunteers

March 2014

John Craig, 61, Japan via Scotland John Craig | Photo by Federica Miglio What facet or facets of Earthships is most compelling or attractive for you? The most attractive facet of Earthships is the people who build them. Beyond question. Nothing happens without the group of people, as we’ve seen here. And like Phil said… Read more »

Hui-Chien and Josh – Windship Volunteers

March 2014

Josh Semick, 35, New Jersey, USA Josh Semick | Photo by Federica Miglio Why did you decide to come here? Josh Semick: A couple reasons. First, my wife and I were interested in Earthships. We were turned on by a friend back home. We went up to Ithaca and saw one of them that was… Read more »

Leo, Olav and Zoe – Windship Volunteers

March 2014

Leo Bienkowski-Gibbs, 30, Victoria, Canada Leo Bienkowski-Gibbs | Photo by Federica Miglio What is it you think we accomplished here? We moved around a lot of dirt and materials. (Laughing) One of the things we did is get a lot of people stoked. What do you think the effect has been on the volunteers? I… Read more »